My attempt to explain what AV can offer…

I have tried (very quickly) to show how AV would change the way the government is voted in.

In the case of first past the post, we can have a government which doesn’t wholly reflect the thoughts of the overall population. In this example, the conservatives won with 40% of the vote, and the countries government would be a center-right one. However, with AV, it is possible that the lib dems and labour would get voted in as the government since their ideals are relatively close as both parties are more left…

New website – integration of social media & better communication


Recently, I’ve slightly redesigned and updated the Antarctic Design web page! The focus has been greater integration of social media such as Twitter, WordPress, Facebook & Flickr. I’ve also made it easier to get in touch with me if you need some design work done!

I hope you enjoy the site! More updates to come soon along with better use of Flickr galleries to showcase work.