LHSee Android App update released

A few months ago, a friend named Chris Boddy from the Physics Department of Oxford University released the first version of LHSee. It gained worldwide acknowledgement and has received over 30,000 downloads, but was criticised for the user interface. Chris asked me to come on board and redesign the menu system first.

Now, we have the new version released! Here is how the menu looks now.

New menu screen for LHsee

Download the new version here.

Genomic Observatories Logo

I’ve just finished a logo for a new endeavour called genomic observatories. Here is the completed logo:

The client wanted the ‘back of the world’ as such since a central survey site is the island of Moorea near Tahiti. The logo¬†incorporates¬†a chromosome as we as a fairly typical metagenome depiction in the form of the glyph replacing one of the O’s in genomic.

New promotional material/experimentation

There’s been quite a bit of interest recently in creating illustrations of buildings for iconography etc. I’ve admired from afar up until now, but today I decided to try my hand at creating such buildings as a more complicated scene. Here are the results.

HQ set in the antarctic...

What was cool about this is that I haven’t really done any like this up until now. So it was a challenge to get the shading correct as doing lots of gradient work to bring life to some objects.



Our portfolio is on the wall inside the building

New version of GSC Meetings is out

The new version of GSC Meetings is out, with a new twitter feed feature. In this release, when conference delegates make tweets including the #gsc11 hash tag, their posts will automatically show up inside the app.

Click here or on the image below to go to it’s dedicated site where you can download the app.

Main Screen for GSC Meetings version 0.2