Genomic Observatories Logo

I’ve just finished a logo for a new endeavour called genomic observatories. Here is the completed logo:

The client wanted the ‘back of the world’ as such since a central survey site is the island of Moorea near Tahiti. The logo incorporates a chromosome as we as a fairly typical metagenome depiction in the form of the glyph replacing one of the O’s in genomic.

New promotional material/experimentation

There’s been quite a bit of interest recently in creating illustrations of buildings for iconography etc. I’ve admired from afar up until now, but today I decided to try my hand at creating such buildings as a more complicated scene. Here are the results.

HQ set in the antarctic...

What was cool about this is that I haven’t really done any like this up until now. So it was a challenge to get the shading correct as doing lots of gradient work to bring life to some objects.



Our portfolio is on the wall inside the building

My attempt to explain what AV can offer…

I have tried (very quickly) to show how AV would change the way the government is voted in.

In the case of first past the post, we can have a government which doesn’t wholly reflect the thoughts of the overall population. In this example, the conservatives won with 40% of the vote, and the countries government would be a center-right one. However, with AV, it is possible that the lib dems and labour would get voted in as the government since their ideals are relatively close as both parties are more left…