Penguin Lifelines Site



I have been very fortunate to have worked on a project with a topic of particular interest to me, Penguins!!


Penguin Lifelines aims to catalogue to effects on Penguins in the Antarctic through the creation of observation sites around the Antarctic, essentially portable web cams, that beam images back to a server in Oxford. These images are then automatically analysed by image processing software to count the number of penguins in the image, and record these numbers over time. The data will then be used to inform policy and contribute to importance research in the Antarctic.

Dr. Tom Hart, from the Department of Zoology at Oxford University asked Antarctic Design to create a website for them, with the remit of increasing awareness of the project whilst also increasing the likelihood of people donating to the project.

Here are the results of the work!

penguin-lifelines-home Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 17.07.04


If you can, please help Tom carry out this work with a donation!

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